How to Squeeze Spinach

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How to Squeeze Spinach


Shortcuts and nifty kitchen tips are a cook's best friend. When it comes to squeezing excess water from cooked spinach for dishes like lasagne, spanakopita, or Korean Spinach, we've got a couple of tricks. You could squeeze it with your hands or wring it out in a cloth, but two instruments you may have in your kitchen also work and require less effort.

A potato ricer can perform double duty as a spinach dryer. Put a handful of spinach in the ricer and push gently over the sink or a bowl. It's the perfect mess-free option.

If you have a sushi mat, put it on a rimmed baking sheet, slightly raised at one end with a folded cloth, or in the sink. Mound the spinach in the center (in batches if necessary), and roll and squeeze to extract excess liquid.


How to Squeeze Spinach



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